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BC-108 Class-A Driver


BC-108 Class A Driver

The BC108 driver is a low-gain distortion circuit, based on an age-old class-a design.

You'll often see this type of pedal marketed as 'tweed' in a box, and in its own sweet way, the basic architecture really does capture the feel of an overdriven vintage American amp. So just like those old amps, we decided to include a 'bright/normal' switch. And just like those old amps, it interacts with the gain control to push through more treble at low gain settings. This is really cool, because with switch in the bright position, you can wind up the drive to introduce more bottom end, dialing in the perfect tonal balance.

The class-a driver section is based around the harmonically rich tin can BC108B. This drives a combination germanium/silicon asymmetric clipping circuit for a really 'musical' distortion. This circuit cleans up really nicely with your guitars volume control - especially if it's first in the signal chain.

Which leads us to the subject of the rest of your chain. Whether it's pushing the front end of your amp or your favourite overdrive pedal (like our Class-A ‘Japan’ Driver), this thing rocks. We've added a super transparent low noise output stage to keep the driver's output impedance constant to a minimum (under 1k!). This lets you plug the output into pretty much anything (even with the level knob dialed really low) without having your tone sucked dry.

Yep, despite its looks, this sucker is a super flexible and harmonically rich little box.